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W3Marketing  diverse website protection systems. With South African companies targeting various emergency markets segments, website protection is a security basic step. 

The internet is a social place for individuals to connect, communicate, collaborate, and form. Like all social places, the internet comes with threats as well as possibilities. According to Google the trio of ad malware targeted in this latest filter action — Bedep, Beetal, and Changthangi — have infected more than 500,000 machines, including desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Digital citizenship isn’t just about identifying and dealing with online threats. It’s about creating secure places and communities, understanding how to control personal information, and about being internet savvy – utilizing your online existence to develop and shape your world in a protected, innovative way, and motivating other people to do the same.

Excellent possibility yes, but what should be protected?

  • your website as a technology program should be secured from viruses, malware, cyber scams, and crimes
  • content articles, written text, and images should be secured from copying.
  • site visitors and website users’ personal information should be protected.

When do you need to have website protection upgrade?

Each and every time when you are planning to scale your website, to generate more users or to apply new integrated systems, you should level the website security to the planned visibility and known threats.

[graphiq id=”j20VqtAmGvb” title=”Internet Penetration Rate by Country (2014)” width=”600″ height=”543″ url=”” link_text=”Internet Penetration Rate by Country (2014) | SoftwareInsider” link=””]